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2023-02-04 - 21:55

Agilent is a leader in the development of products and solutions for laboratories. Our origins can be traced back to one of the world's best known production lines for new startups-to Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley, where we still have our headquarters to this day. We are proud of our roots and thus continue to embrace HP's core values.

We specialize in analytical metrological practice, diagnostics, and applied life and chemical sciences. As a result, we are involved in many sectors that have a direct impact on everyday life, such as the development of pharmaceuticals, cancer research, as well as food and doping analyses. We are also a leading provider in the field of environmental testing-and aim to meet growing international demand in this area. Our technologies enable precise analysis and quality assurance in key areas of human life.

Agilent Technologies Deutschland GmbH
Hewlett-Packard-Straße 8, 76337 Waldbronn, Germany