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2020-12-05 - 18:24
Sercos International

The Sercos trade associations are a group of associations dedicated to developing, promoting and expanding the use of the Sercos digital interface for interconnecting motion controls, drives, I/Os, sensors and actuators for numerically controlled machines and systems.
Members of the associations are manufacturers and users of controls, drives and other automation components, as well as research institutions, educational institutions and other organizations that have an interest in Sercos.
The parent organization is Sercos International, headquartered in the area of Stuttgart, Germany. It has subsidiaries Sercos North America and Sercos Japan:

  • Sercos International -- Parent organization, handles Sercos throughout the world except for North America and Japan.
  • Sercos North America -- Handles Sercos only in North America with members only from the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Sercos Japan -- Handles Sercos only in Japan, with members only from Japan.
  • Sercos China -- Handles Sercos in China.

The technology

Launched at the beginning of the 90s, the Sercos interface is now established as an open, real-time interface for motion control applications in automation technology.

The basis for its success in all kinds of industries and applications lies in its efficient and deterministic communication protocol, which uses a noise-immune, optical transfer system.

Sercos has reached worldwide acceptance in all large automation markets as the de facto standard for demanding applications with high requirements for dynamics and precision. Sercos not only specifies a real time communication system, but also more than 500 standardized parameters, which define the interaction of controls and drives in crossmanufacturersemantics.

This is the basis for interoperability of devices from different manufacturers. two million realtime nodes are already in use today.

Sercos International e.V., Küblerstrasse 1, 73079 Süßen, Germany