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2018-12-10 - 20:36
Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG)

The Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) was established as an independent association in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 2003. Since its inception, this association of commercial companies, research institutes and end users has focused on the effective exploitation of Ethernet's benefits for high-performance real-time network systems. Manufacturers and users of the standardized communication system POWERLINK have come together in the group to support the technology's advancement and international propagation. Membership is open to all companies, associations, institutions and individuals worldwide who stand by the goals of the EPSG.

The EPSG acts on behalf of its members and advocates their common interests to standardization bodies and associations. In addition, it certifies approved devices. Their active involvement in the EPSG and influence on standardization also gives users and manufacturers an effective means to ensure they are making safe investments.

Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group Office, Berlin, Germany,

Membership contact: Stefan Schönegger 

European Industrial Ethernet Award

The EPSG is calling on students at European Universities and Technical Colleges to participate in the 4th European Industrial Ethernet Awards. Awards will be given to the most innovative projects and automation concepts based on the open Industrial Ethernet POWERLINK protocol.

Applicable projects range from mechatronic applications to the creation of solutions for industrial applications by developing new devices with POWERLINK interfaces and even implementation of new features in the openPOWERLINK stack. Projects must be submitted by February 28, 2017 and implemented until June 2017.

Popular with colleges and universities

POWERLINK enables high-performance real-time communication that can be used to create solutions for many of the challenges faced in industrial applications. Absolute openness is one of the main reasons POWERLINK is so popular with colleges and universities and used in many research projects.

The openPOWERLINK protocol stack is open source and released under the BSD license on the SourceForge web-based service for developers. It can be downloaded here and immediately tried out: Due to its architecture, the stack is freely scalable and can be implemented on a wide range of hardware and software platforms without limitations.

Attractive cash prizes

The Industrial Ethernet Awards are being held by the EPSG together with partners OSADL, B&R and Winning teams will receive attractive cash prizes and take part in an exciting social event. They can also publish their scientific findings as sponsored open access articles. The award ceremony will take place in the summer of 2017.

Further information regarding the procedure and the call for projects can be found on the awards website: Registrations will only be accepted in the form of an email sent to awardª Current information is made available on a regular basis in the Industrial Ethernet Awards Group on LinkedIn: