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2024-07-21 - 12:30

From combi-steamer to solution provider.

For almost 50 years, RATIONAL has dedicated itself to offering its customers the best cooking system. With this ambition, the company has simplified the work of chefs all over the world. To this day, finding new solutions that benefit the customer and improve their day-to-day work in the kitchen remains the motivation for our employees.

The iCombi and iVario product lines are setting standards worldwide in terms of cooking quality, efficiency and operation. By using one of the cooking systems, not only do you save on numerous special appliances, but you also save a lot of space.

With the launch of ConnectedCooking in 2017, RATIONAL succeeded in digitising commercial kitchens. The units can easily be connected allowing chefs to access them via their PC, tablet or smartphone. Via remote access, the service technician is also immediately notified.

Rational F&E GmbH
Siegfried-Meister-Str. 1, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Germany