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2021-01-18 - 21:17

OSADL Marketplace vs. Regular OSADL Projects

Regular OSADL Projects

Regular OSADL projects are considered as such and are conducted at a high priority, because many OSADL members are requesting for them. An example of such a regular high-priority OSADL project is the real-time (RT-Preempt) Linux kernel. A list of current regular OSADL projects is available here.

OSADL Marketplace

There are, however, other projects that have been offered to OSADL and that OSADL may support in the future, but - for the time being - have not yet been requested by any OSADL member. These projects are listed below in the OSADL marketplace.

How to transform an OSADL marketplace project to a regular OSADL project?

If you are interested in any of the following projects, please feel free to contact the person listed along with the project description. You may then, if you wish, employ the offering person directly. OSADL, however, would like to ask you to consider becoming an OSADL member instead and promote the marketplace project to a regular OSADL project. As a result, OSADL will take care of the project, integrate it into the OSADL procedures such as version and release control, quality assessment etc. and, last not least, share funding of the project among all OSADL members. If you have any questions concerning the OSADL membership or other aspects of OSADL projects, please feel free to Opens window for sending emailcontact us at any time.

The OSADL Marketplace

DotGNU Portable .NET Development

Opens internal link in current windowPorting the DotGNU Portable .NET Development to the ARM architecture