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2020-04-06 - 22:19
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OSADL Linux Add-on Patch

Why add-on?

  • OSADL is providing some Linux add-on patches that either are too “hacky” or too specific to make it into the mainline Linux kernel.
  • Some of the patches originally were part of the RT patch set, but were removed and handed over to OSADL in order not to jeopardize the mainlining process of the RT patch set.
  • OSADL will make the Linux add-on patches available for every RT patchable kernel and later on for every supported kernel starting from version 4, patchlevel 16.
  • If the Linux add-on patches apply without offset for a number of kernels, only a single patch will be provided, but labeled accordingly.

Patch list

Imported from RT patch and extended

  • Ping SysRq: net-ipv4-icmp-ping-sysrq.patch read more
  • Latency histograms with culprit/victim info: latency-histograms.patch read more

QA Farm utilities

  • NMI SysRq: add-nmi-callback-and-raw-parport-driver.patch read more
  • Built-in kernel patchset: save-current-patchset-in-kernel.patch read more
  • Precise load measurement: sched-add-per-cpu-load-measurement.patch read more

Direct access to the patches

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