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2023-04-02 - 03:58

How do we generate the profile data?

Every OSADL test system is equipped with a set of scripts to examine the system with respect to configuration and diagnostic items. These data are transmitted to the internet twice a day and are, at least partially, used in many of the OSADL QA farm web pages. The profile pages that can be selected above contain a set of publicly available data material of a particular system:

  • CPU information
  • Timer resolution
  • Amount of RAM and EEPROM data
  • Graphics subsystem
  • Disk and interfaces to the storage devices
  • PCI bus devices
  • DMI (BIOS) settings
  • Kernel configuration
  • Off-tree patches (quilt series)

Note that some sections may be lacking, if the related component is not available in a particular system.

The purpose of providing complete data sets is to allow for the best possible reproduction of our systems at other places and to assist when investigating possible performance differences.